About the Sale And Lease Back model

Before you decide to become an asset partner with MyCloudParticles, please take some time to understand the opportunity.

MyCloudParticles offers a unique option for investors who want to test Data Centres as an investment class before committing larger investments. We design, build, own, operate and manage state of the art cloud data centres. We own, operate and manage our Data Centre Assets, and rent it out to our clients. The continued use of these assets generates revenue for us.

A Sale and Lease-Back model is a source of financing, which is attractive to both, the seller as well as the purchaser. In this model, the Seller (us) sells their own property to the Purchaser (you), and immediately thereafter, the Seller (in this case, our marketing affiliate) leases the property back from the purchaser on a long term basis. The sale agreement and lease agreement are executed simultaneously. The Seller is responsible for the insurance, maintenance and operation of the property.

The main benefit for the Seller is the ability to raise long term financing for expansion without debt or dilution of equity.
The main benefit for the Purchaser is fixed monthly rental income for a pre defined period. In addition, the property is free of development risks, and free of insurance and maintenance liability. The Purchaser also may gain depreciation benefits.

We are offering to sell to you assets that we already own. We are offering a fixed monthly rental on those assets that you may buy from us.
We are not soliciting deposits from you. We are not asking you to give us a loan. We are not selling equity in our company to you. We are not asking you to invest in our company.

The Sale and Lease Back model is widely used for fixed assets in real estate, durable goods, capital goods, and industrial equipment.

The Sale and Lease Back model may at first glance look similar to the Crowdfunding model. However, this is not the case. Sale and Lease Back refers to assets that already exist and are owned by the Seller, as explained above. Crowdfunding refers to online fundraising for the launch of a new business or product, usually via a crowdfunding platform.

We are happy to answer any queries you may have about the Sale and Lease-Back model, about our Asset Partner program, and any other business related queries. Please satisfy yourself about these fundamental features prior to taking a decision to become an asset partner.