How to benefit

Data centres are growing as an emerging asset class, with dynamic characteristics that are attracting investors. According to CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm which has launched a speciality brokerage focused on data centres, more than $12bn was invested into North American data centres in 2018 alone.

According to The Hindu Business Line, India is on the verge of a significant data centre expansion.

Fuelled by the rise of cloud computing, Big Data and IoT, the demand for data centres is at an all-time high and will only keep growing stronger. This is particularly true for the Asia-Pacific region, where technology adoption is speeding up thanks to demographic trends and rising wealth. Smart cities are also driving the sector since they require the backbone of a highly functional and heavily invested data centre platform to succeed.

There are multiple ways to suit differing budgets to be a part of this global opportunity with MyCloudParticles (MCP).

  • Buy an existing or create a new Data Centre and hire MCP to operate the Data Centre
  • Offer own commercial property on long term lease to MCP for up to 30 years
  • Offer own suitably located land on long lease to MCP for a built to suit data centre facility
  • Buy suitable Capital Assets for a Data Centre and lease them to MCP
  • Buy partial Capital Assets for a Data Centre and lease them to MCP

By leasing your built-up property or land to MCP for creating data centre infrastructure, you may be able to gain a better return on your immovable assets. For more information about long term leasing of your property, please contact us at any of our offices.

By investing in Capital Assets, either as a complete unit or parts thereof, the investors risk exposure to the industry sector is minimised, yet the investor can benefit from the potential upside. MyCloudParticle thus offers a unique option for investors who want to test the investment class before committing larger investments. For more details of investing in Capital Assets, see the Asset Partner page or contact us at any of our offices.